Friday, August 08, 2008


This is Soccer. He's my cute little kitty. And he can talk. Really. While he can only say one word, it is a most important word for him: Water.

Every morning before everyone gets up, he wanders around the house meowing, and it really does sound like he is saying "water", in a most pathetic and needy way. He has a bowl of water, so its not like we're neglecting him. But he likes his water in a very particular way, and is very set on that way.

When we get up and head to the bathroom for our own needs, Soccer hurries in and waits by the sink for us to turn the water on for him.

After he eats his little breakfast, he hurries over to the kitchen sink, sits in it and waits for us to turn that water on for him.

While I understand his obsessive need for water from the sink, it sure would be nice if he didn't wake the whole household yelling for it every morning.


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