Saturday, August 23, 2008

Practical Meets Teen

Sarah is a very practical girl. Many times I wonder how she got to be so grounded at 16-years old. I think it's a good thing for the most part, of course. Sometimes I think it just might be a hindrance to building relationships. A good example happened last night.

Someone knocked on the door at nearly 10pm. We fought to get Anna outside (the dog who likes to eat people) and I opened the door. Two of Sarah's friends were there: Mark and Charlotte. I have seen Mark several times when he's come home from school with Sarah for lunch. I think he's an amazingly goofy, weird kid. But as they were on the steps looking into the house, Sarah stood in the living room and stared at them. I finally invited them in. Sarah's first words were, "It's kind of late." I finally broke the weird moment by inviting them to come have a cookie. Mark jumped at the idea and was in the kitchen in a flash.

After much strange discussion, the kids moved into the living room to chat. After a moment I overheard this conversation:

Sarah: You are inviting me to drive around?

Mark: Yeah!

Sarah: And do what? Just drive around?

Mark: Yeah!

Sarah: What's our destination?

Mark: Maybe nowhere. Maybe my house. We don't know. That's the fun of it!

Sarah: Ok ...

She did come ask me if she could go out with Mark and Charlotte and I told her to take her cell phone and be home by 11:30. She got her phone and left with a tentative attitude.

When she got home I asked if she had fun and she said she did, actually. She added, "I even felt like a real teenager."

Thank goodness. It's about time.



Erika said...

haha, we used to drive around and "get lost"... but gas cost too much now to do that!!

Jolynn said...

How funny. It's like she's not sure that was teenagers do until she did it! What a silly memorable moment.


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