Monday, June 30, 2008

Survival Tips 101

It has been a while since I've offered tid-bits of such valuable information. So I'll take the time now to enlighten everyone on a very important topic:

How to Escape If Trapped In A Lion Cage

1. Do not run.

2. Watch for signs of an attack. A low staccato growl, combined with eye contact and a lashing tail, usually indicates that an attack is likely.

3. Find a defensive tool. Moving very slowly, pick up a water bowl, bench, or anything else within reach that may be used to fend off a charge.

4. Back away slowly.

5. Watch for mock charges. A lion may make several "mock" charges before actually attacking. It will run forward, then stop. Mock-charging shows that a real attack is imminent.

6. Yell as loudly as you can. Lions are sensitive to noise; yelling may discourage further charges.

7. Fend off attack. Push its paws and head away from you with a nearby object.

8. Keep screaming as loudly as possible.

Now, aren't you so glad you came by to learn all of this?


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Jolynn said...

I'm a little afraid. Why am I in the cage??


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