Monday, December 11, 2006


Here's a list of some things I think are dumb.

1) Christmas music on the radio the day after Halloween.

2) My dog, who can't eat unless I'm in the same room with her.

3) Blind dates.

4) The movie Tess. (we had it on a laser disk when I was younger, and after watching it, we promptly turned that disk into a shiny frisbee)

5) Some questions are really dumb - yes, its true. One time while working at the entrance gate of a certain boating reservoir, one that is quite often busy and windy, someone pulled up and asked me about when the wind usually picks up, and wondering how busy it was that day. Then he asked "what will it be like on Thursday?" *uh, wait just a second while I consult my crystal ball.* What? How am I supposed to know?

6) Being able to order "combo meal #4" while going through the checkstand at certain super stores.

7) Not having a "siesta" in the US.

8) Building a home on the side of a mountain which also happens to be a known fault line. That's about as dumb as building your home right over the top of a volcano.

9) Putting use instructions on a pillow. *Rest your head directly on the pillow* (Yes, I've actually seen this)

10) This entry.

- Chel


Skittles said...

I met Mikey on a blind date of sorts. We "met" online then scheduled a date. Does that count?

Never saw Tess. Guess I haven't missed much ;)

I make my own siestas. I call them "Old lady is pooped and needs to lay down"

#8.. and the people that build in mud slide areas.

#10.. nah.. it was cool.

Mike said...

LOL, I could add a few to this. I don't think it's dumb. I've never seen a place where you could order food at a checkout though. I must live in a very small town lol.

sarala said...

My cat is like your dog. Is it a security blanket thing? You watch my back while I'm eating?


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