Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I'm not really a sign seeker. Not over important stuff. But sometimes, when I'm not so sure about what path to take, I'll seek a sign.

Like when I wanted to join Curves 6 months ago. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend almost $40 a month on me. So I sat in my car and tried to feel it out. I could only hone in on my anxiety. So I asked for a sign. "If this is a good idea for me, show me something that will let me know."

I walked in and there was one of my best friends, Shanna Xanadu (obviously not her real name). She was so excited to see me, came up and said with way too much glee, "Are you joining Curves!?"

I guess I am, I said ... Good ol Shanna Xanadu.

So today, I sought a sign again. I've been having only dead ends when it came to finding a practicum for my schooling. I wanted very much to get one in hospice in the town I actually live in. Finally, after weeks of no luck, my professor suggested a few places in another town 40 miles away. The one I wanted most wasn't available. So he convinced me to try one more.

I got there and it's long term care, which is really hard on me. The guy showing me around was the Administrator and was incredibly likeable. But this was long term care. The one who would train me is new herself. I wasn't quite sure. He took me into his office and we chatted. I was internally saying, "Show me a sign" since all I could hone in on was my discomfort for long term care.

Then he said, "You live in the same town as my sister. I wonder if you know her." I thought not likely, my town is not small by any means. He said, "her name is Shanna Xanadu." I bet he wondered why I sat there with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds.

After some conversation he said, "So are you going to do your practicum here?"

I guess I am, I said ... Good ol' Shanna Xanadu.



East of Oregon said...

Aww that's wonderful how it worked out!!

mist1 said...

I believe in signs too. The Curves near me is right next to the grocery store. I just go there instead.

Skittles said...

Small world!

Emily said...

Thanks for naming her Shanna Xanadu. :)

Chelle & Chel said...

Mist, that's awesome! Emily, you made me laugh!


Annieann77 said...

Here's your sign! Your blog is funny! Good job!

Mike said...

It is a small world. Congrats and good luck with both.

Erika said...

Thats so weird!

Erika said...

Thats so weird!


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