Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nature Blog

I was just playing around, looking at blogs here and there and found this one about nature musings. I love the natural world, so this caught my eye. But then as I sifted through various entries, I came across one that truly weirded me out. She has a cat, who I swear looks exactly like my little Soccer kitty. They must have been identical twins seperated at birth.

Other than that, I think its a pretty fun little blog. Easy going, and reminded me of all the little things I tend to overlook in this incredible, beautiful world we live in. Go check it out if you're needing something to do.

- Chel


Mike said...

I went to the blog and there are some very good pics there. During our vacation this year, Barb and I went to Yellowstone and the Badlands, with some interesting side trips. Most of the time we were in the park we were just going "Wow, look at that" and "Wow. look at that" This country we live in is so beautiful. Others can keep the rollercoasters and casinos, give me a drive though the country anyday.

Barb said...

I went there too and left a comment. Beautiful.

Chelle & Chel said...

I thought so too.

- Chel


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