Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Music Appreciation

My children spend some of their time with their dad 45 miles away. I have been designated the parent to do the driving. (Don't ask. Really.) Most times I don't mind since I have tried to make this almost hour drive meaningful for me and the kids. Since they're trapped in the car, belted to their seats, it's "our time" whether they like it or not! I think I've hit on a plan here ... a good way for parents to get their kids to spend time with them! Anyway, I digress ....

One of the things we have done with this time is what we call "Music Appreication." We put the radio on "Scan" and when any one of us hears a song we like, we call out "stop!" Then we all get to listen to that person's song. Sometimes the kids grumble when I stop on an 80's song. Or when Chel stops on a John Denver song. Oh, wait, that's me grumbling. The boys groan when Sarah stops on Sheryl Crow. The fun goes on and on. Seriously, though, they do pretty good for the most part when a song comes on someone else has chosen.

When I started this fun activity a few years ago, there was something I didn't count on: The boys becoming teenagers. Have you heard what teenage boys listen to these days!? And I've noticed they don't just call out, "stop!" when one of their songs comes on. It's more like "STOP!!" It gets quite distracting, speaking from a driver standpoint.

I always tease Sam about being a teenager. "Who said you could grow up?" I say to this nearly 6-foot tall child of mine. Which is yet another oddity for me. Have you ever tried to discipline a child taller than you!? Wierds me out. Anyway, I'm not sure who said they could grow and get taller and start liking heavy, screaming music.

And what does "AFI" stand for anyway???? Do I even want to know?

::sigh:: Guess I better get ready to get the kids. I wonder where my ear plugs went ... Do you think they'd notice?


Mike said...

lol. My son is now taller than I am. And he liked to listen to rap for awhile. I was glad when he started to listen to rock as he got older. And no...nobody said he or his sister could grow up lol.

Barb said...

I don't know what AFI is either. Maybe I should google it. It sounds like a great way to spend the drive. I wonder if they'll do something similar with their own kids?

I used to play the license plate game with mine.


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