Friday, January 16, 2009


Sometimes we get the pleasure in church to sit behind a very cute little boy, probably about 3 or 4 years old. He has no problem saying what he thinks, at a voice much too loud for a church meeting. A few weeks ago, he whispered something to his mom, she got up to walk out, he followed, and as he passed our row, he said in his cute loud voice, "I'm going to go pee!"

One time recently, the passing of the sacrament was going on. This is a very quiet ritual, with people bowing their heads, or just sitting quietly, pondering. In our church, the young men go around the congregation and pass the sacrament tray down the rows. They stand at the end of the row waiting for a tray to return to them, then they go to the next row. A young man had passed the sacrament to this little boy's row, the little boy took his portion, and then began staring at the young man. He watched him at his row, at our row, and finally at the row behind us. Apparently, he finally made eye contact with the young man, and said - louder than his regular loud - "Thanks, dude!"

What a cutie.


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