Saturday, October 25, 2008


A few weeks ago, Sarah and AJ had gone up to be with their dad overnight. They drove back the next morning with Sam in two, Sarah driving. The roads were wet, and I admit I'm a worry wart. I kept checking the commuter link web site, which shows pictures of the road at random places. These cameras update every few minutes. I was initially checking for the road conditions, but hoped I'd see their car in one of the pics. I know that's so statistically impossible. They would have to be on the road at the exact spot the camera was facing and at the exact second the camera was taking a pic. But ... lo and behold ... I saw them. Not once, but three times. Each time I'd text them, "Did you just pass ... " and they'd answer they did. How very odd, but very cool, and amazingly random. I love it when the Universe shows up for me like that.


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