Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So I did this personality quiz at Here's what it said about me.

What's yours?


AMPM (Personality Profile)

Based on the Five Factor Model credited to Goldberg, Costa and McRae, the Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix (AMPM) is a comprehensive personality assessment designed to provide you with valuable insight into your character, aptitudes, and disposition.

The AMPM is based on the theory that all human personality traits belong to one of five broad dimensions of personality. Below the summary report, you will find a detailed personality report, including an advice section and your scores on the thirty-seven distinct personality traits.

Your Personality Type:
Your genuine concern for the people and community around you makes you the Altruist. Your conscientiousness, outgoing nature, and compassionate attitude do not allow you to stand idly by in the presence of any kind of injustice. You are a magnet, attracting those seeking direction, advice, and a role model. When people turn to you for help, you reflect thoughtfully on the issues at hand, and don't give up until you reach some kind of insight or creative solution. You aren't always open to change, but you are a hard worker and you place your efforts into producing concrete results. Your interactions with others are characterized by warmth and caring, and your empathy and altruism do not go unnoticed. Your emotional stability and ability to give to others are gifts.

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