Monday, March 26, 2007


March is almost over....amazing. Maybe I should take my Christmas lights down now. What do you think? I hate to take them down in the winter. Its just too cold and not safe. Now spring has arrived and they are still up. Chelle's daughter suggested I just leave them up until next Christmas. I've considered that. But, no, I think today is the day to finally get my little fanny up on the roof and take those lights down. Let spring come.

With spring here, my thoughts and efforts are directed more and more to my yard. I spent a little time today pulling some grass growing in all the wrong places. I did a little work on the back yard fence area - putting some of the dirt back into the holes (its nice to have a fence again). I cleaned up the doggie piles - that is always a fun chore.

There are so many things I want to fix and change with my house. So many. And they all cost lots of money and take lots of time. But there is one change I can make that will make me smile, cost little, and be very easy to do. I want a new door mat. And I know just the one.

The other day, I was out delivering pizzas and approached a home with a lovely, plain brown door mat with one word written on it: Leave. I laughed out loud and had a nice conversation with the home owner about it. They couldn't remember where they got it, but now I'm on the hunt.

I thought it was very funny. Happy spring.

- Chel


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Haha, I'd love a mat like that as well.

Asara said...

Well, I checked Amazon for you, but I couldn't find one that says "Leave". I found one that says "Go Away", and another one that says (this is my favorite) "WOW! Nice Underwear!!"

Asara said...
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