Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Do You Spell That?

I was getting to know a resident at the nursing facility where I'm doing my practicum. I love that part of my "job". This resident is quite cute. She's even asked me out on a date - likely not realizng I'm a woman. ??

This time we were talking about her spending some of her growing up years in South Dakota. I'm pretty familiar with South Dakota, so I asked what town. She mentioned one where there is actually some pretty fun water spots. So I asked if she liked to swim there.

"Oh yes!" she replied.

"How often did you get to do that?" I asked.

"Every day, pert near," was her reply.

Not only did I love her response and how cultural it was, but I loved my first thought: "I wonder how to spell 'pert near' for my blog?"


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I like that expression!

BendingPeak said...

I have had that thought as well... "I can't wait to get home and blog about this!"
'pert near' perfect,


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