Saturday, February 10, 2007


Just another quick work story ...

One of our lines at work is a mental health facility after hours. We often get calls from people wanting to schedule an appointment. Since we are not even in the same state, we have to tell people we don't have their schedule books and they'll have to call back during business hours. Seems common sense to me ... when I call my doctor and get the after hours, I am not surprised when they can't answer my question or schedule an appointment. Well, some people are quite angry that we can't do scheduling. One said it perfectly the other day.

"Well, what good are you!?"

It must have been a rhetorical question, since they hung up before I could answer ...



Jolynn said...

Oh, I love those questions. What is wrong with people. Use your common sense!

Mike said...

Obviously, some people don't think before they speak. What ever happened to common sense.


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