Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thousands on eBay

I ate some popcorn tonight at work. I was just craving it for some reason. So I took borrowed a bag from a coworker's desk ...
I found an amazing piece. To me it looked an awful lot like a golden snitch from Harry Potter. I kept it aside and took a picture of it. I figured I could put it on eBay and get thousands for it.

I should have left it alone. But I had to have just one more picture. I broke it. As it snapped, I could feel the thousands of dollars slipping from my hands. Guess my fortune isn't coming today.

Of course, the day's not over yet ... It just won't be from my golden snitch popcorn.



Callie Ann said...

That is funny, I would have loved to see what may have happened on e-bay.

Mike said...

You'd be surprised what sells on E-bay lol.

Erika said...

hmm, I want popcorn now!


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