Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Looking To Do A Good Deed?

Social Work Community Project

Help us help our community. Give boots, coats, gloves, hats.

Three Weber State University Social Work students (myself included) are attempting to collect winter items to help those who live in the Northern Utah Community Correctional Center. Men come here to rehabilitate after spending time in prison. They need to find a job, crucial to their success. Many, however, come without boots, coats, gloves, and hats. These are necessary to seek employment, and since many find themselves employed in the labor field, these items are sometimes necessary to maintain employment.

One of the students donated her old size 7 boot camp boots. She was saddened to see men with much larger feet attempt to fit into them because that was all they had. Men come back from working outside in the slush wearing tennis shoes with holes in them.

Help if you can. They need, in order of priority: boots, coats, gloves, hats. All men’s sizes.

Send them to:

Weber State University

Social Work Department

1211 University Circle

Ogden UT 84408

Attn: Dr. Kennedy

If you can afford two sets of boots, or two coats, or two pair of gloves, or two hats, send one to us and give the other to an organization in your own community. Half way houses, homeless shelters, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc. Many options. If you do donate to other places, let us know. We’d like to see progress outside our own community as well. If you can only donate to one place, consider your own community. Email with any lists of donations to your own community, comments, questions, or suggestions.

Our hope is to have enough for all 150 men who currently live in that facility between now and March 15, 2007. If we get more than we need, we plan to give the remainder to the Salt Lake Transition Facility and/or St. Anne’s Homeless Shelter.

Please note: My grade is not dependent on your donation. So only do so if you can and if you so desire. :)

I will be keeping track of donations for you all to see here.



Spread the word!


Faz the Cat said...

We do the same thing where I work in London so we wish you loads of success for this very worthy cause. Christine (and Faz)

Erika said...

New or used?


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