Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today's list
a dramatic sunrise
Post-it Notes
• a clever turn of phrase
vintage tractors
the bridges in Japanese gardens

Again, so many fun ones to pick from. I don't think I'd pick vintage tractors. That's the only easy one to eliminate for me.

I love dramatic sunrises. I have some great pictures of sunrises. Post-it notes are awesome (and no, Romy and Michele didn't invent them). Clever turns of phrases are very ... clever. Bridges in Japanese gardens are nice.

So I think I'm having a tough time choosing here ... I think I'm gonna go with ... dramatic sunrises.

What's your favorite?


PS, Sarala wanted to know where I get these lists ... Page-A-Day Online Calendars. I got that because I purchased another page-a-day calendar.


Skittles said...

Vintages tractors??? Strange..

Hmmm.. well.. Maybe vintage tractors after all.. if they're miniature Mike would like them :)

sarala said...

Glad the mystery is solved.
I'd go with sunrise except I hate getting up that early. I'll still take that one.


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