Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blogging Ideas

Sometimes blogging ideas come to me in strange ways. But this one made me think I probably may have a problem.

Chel needed to find some family history information. I was hoping it would be on this ancestor's head stone. When I found out she was buried within 15 miles from here, I was elated. Chel knew thought I was nuts. I was more excited to head over there than she was. Her excuse was that it was a little snowy. I said, "So what!?" and put my coat on. She trudged along behind.

So we were looking at all the head stones, not knowing for sure where in this large cemetery she was buried. We had to scrape the snow off of the stones, but they were mostly readable once the snow was cleared. I came upon one head stone that had fallen over. I pried it off the ground and lifted it on it's end so I could see the words. Not her ancestor.

I suddenly realized how much traffic came by that cemetery, how close we were to the road, and how many people looked our direction as they drove by. My next realization was how strange it must have looked to see me holding a head stone. I thought, if I drop it now, someone may see me and think I was the one who knocked it over. They'd surely call the police and I'd be arrested for vandalism.

About 4 seconds into this thought, I said to myself, "Oh well, it'll make a great blog entry" and quickly dropped the head stone back to where it was.

How sad is that? LOL


PS, we did find her ancestor, just as the sun dropped. And it had the very information we needed. Isn't that exciting?


Skittles said...

I think it's a GREAT post :) I can see the words on the wrong one you picked up.. "Acclaim Images" lol

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

My grandmother ran over a headstone with her car once when she was visiting her husband's grave...and you know what, that story was told at her funeral.

What's that expression...never living something down...think I finally understand it!

sarala said...

Great story. I know the feeling that you are doing something wrong when you aren't. I was visiting a cemetery recently but had no ancestors there. It was still fascinating.

Mike said...

A neat story and I'm glad you found the info you needed.

Erika said...

Neat. But cemeteries creep me out!


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