Friday, January 26, 2007


Today's list:
throwing a surprise party
crayon boxes with sharpeners (blog link)
bunny slippers
ornate calligraphy
going to the movies with friends

I'm not sure which to pick here. It's fun to throw a surprise party, but I'm not known for keeping fun secrets. When I was married, my husband got his birthday presents by December 1. I was too excited to wait. I don't like crayons - I prefer colored pencils. Bunny slippers are cute, but I don't own any. I have big fluffy purple ones. I don't do calligraphy, and couldn't even if my life depended on it.

So I'm choosing going to movies with friends. I love movies. I love friends. So that tops my list!

What's your favorite?



silverneurotic said...

movies as well, I don't get to go very often (expensive), so when I do go it's a real treat.

Skittles said...

Going with the crayons! I would probably just sit there and smell them for at least an hour. One of my favorite smells :)

sarala said...

Where do you get these lists from?
I go with the movies. Definitely my tops. Even though I rarely see a movie that is not rated G or PG.


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