Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Check It Out!

Woah! I went to this site to see if I wanted to do a blurb about it ... found it quite fun. I mean, not like there are games there or anything, but it's got so many wonderful gadgets! Who wouldn't love to just browse around here!? I did ... I drooled ... I wished for disposable income. LOL One day (soon) when I have some (I'm being positive) this is one of the places I'd likely go to, and love every second.

They even do free shipping. They have a rewards program. They have great stuff. They have awesome stuff for iPods ... a speaker system and remote control! They have nifty looking ear buds, too. They even have stuff that's not necessarily what you'd imagine you'd find at an Electronic Warehouse ... like a neat little Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker! Since I like camping, this one caught my eye!

So go check it out, see if there's something you like there. Like maybe a Bose machine? Paul Harvey talked about those all the time ... Anyway, get big stuff like systems to small stuff like cables. Seems like quite the warehouse ... from the comfort of our own homes. And with free shipping, can't beat that!

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