Saturday, December 09, 2006


I have another son, AJ, 13. He's quite a character. Maybe part of what makes him so funny to me is that I know him. Perhaps others wouldn't think what he had to say was funny at all. He just makes me laugh.

Tonight, for example, he and I were playing Jenga. You know that game where you pull cubes out of a tower and place them on top of the tower and hope you're not the one who knocks it down. Well, I was the one to knock it down.

AJ says, "Mom, whenever there's a loud noise, for some reason I feel a tingling in my foot."

Am I odd to laugh my head off about that?



Skittles said...

Nah.. I would have laughed too.. then made a bunch of loud noises.

Mike said...

Sometimes knowing someone well is enough to make you laugh at what they say.


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