Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Driving Styles

Chelle scares me when she drives with me in the passanger seat. I often make indiscriminate sounds of fear when I'm sure I've seen something that she hasn't that is sure to cross our path in a negative manner. However Chelle always assures me she has things under control and that my reactions are more dangerous to her than the outside traffic world.

Now, lest anyone think I am a paranoid, overly reactive passanger, let me give some examples of why Chelle's driving scares me, and in turn, why my driving drives her crazy more often than not.

Chelle has been blessed with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD). She doesnt' have all the characteristic symptoms but some she most certainly does. Her driving is one of those. Here's Chelle driving down the freeway going 74 mph, yelling at the person in front of her who has the nerve to only drive 68 mph "in the fast lane", and to further show her dissapproval, she drives exceptionally close to the offender, all the while steering with her knee, talking on her cell phone and changing the radio station while eating french fries.

Here's me. I, too, like to drive faster than I'm comfortable admitting in a public forum. However, unless I'm really late for something, I'm perfectly content to hang out in the slower, far right-hand lane miles before I need to exit. And even just follow the vehicle in front of me going an absurdely slow 65 mph. This behavior drives Chelle crazy. I'm sure it is quite nerve wracking for her. And she tells me so quite often - "why are you driving behind this car?"

Ah well. There's no changing it. Just close my eyes, bear it, and hope for the best. With face twisted, ready for impact.

- Chel


Barb said...

It's my hubby who's the tail-gater in our little family. He's also the one to "talk" to other drivers and comment on their skills or lack thereof.

I'm more laid back. I always let people in when traffic is heavy. I stay back from the car in front of me. I frequently use my "mom brakes" when hubby is driving.

This past summer though while crossing a 6,000 ele. mountain on our way to Yellowstone, I was driving and hubby was trying to catch a nap so he could drive later.

I see you live in the mountains, so you know those kinds of roads. 6% grade, 35 MPH, twists and turns every couple hundred feet.

So.. he was trying to sleep. Then he gave up telling me every time he closed his eyes he kept picturing us skidding off the side of the mountain and plummeting to our deaths. Poor guy =)

Thx for changing things for me!

Chelle & Chel said...

I can relate to your husband! LOL I usually end up doing the driving so I don't have to worry so much. ROFL


Chelle & Chel said...

But then I worry!



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