Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I think it's interesting that so many of our funniest stories come from a lack of understanding, or hearing, communication around here. Just last night we had another one.

AJ was putting clothes in the washer, about 2 feet from where I was working on the computer. Sarah was sitting near the front door. Chel was headed away from me, going toward the front door, and said something I could not hear due to the direction of her voice and the noise of the washing machine.

"What'd you say?" I called out.

She repeated it. The direction was still wrong and the washer was still loud, therefore I didn't hear her again. But by now she was out the door.

"I still didn't hear her," I said.

Sarah, exasperated, said, "If you would just listen!"

I replied, "It's kind of hard to do that with the washing machine right behind me."

Sarah, still exasperated, said, "She said something about the table leg." That makes sense since our dining room table has a loose leg which needs frequent tightening. I assumed Chel was out to the garage for a tool. But then after a brief pause, Sarah added, "Or the table lady."

What the heck is a table lady? And she thinks *I'm* the one who needs to listen.


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Jolynn said...

I think it also comes with the kids. Adults with out children do not have these problems. I'm sure of it.


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