Monday, April 21, 2008

New Goals

Ok, I have every intention of doing this blog again. Regularly. Seriously.

And what better story to start out with than share something from one of my greatest sources of humor: AJ.

We were eating dinner as a family. AJ was being his normal self - loud, annoying in the most lovable way, and just plain odd. We love him and enjoy him immensely. Through the process of the meal, we had already laughed at with him several times. (More on that in later posts.) He had just finished eating a plate of a taco salad he built and was ready for more. He picked up a fresh tortilla from the stack, licked his fork clean, and placed the newly licked fork on the remaining tortillas.

Chel must have given him a look - I am sure you can picture which one - and he quickly grabbed his fork from the stack of not-so-fresh-now tortillas. He said, "I'm so ... [looking for the right word] awkward."

Even though he had not chosen the word he wanted, it was the perfect one. We laughed even harder.

Poor awkward kid.


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