Friday, January 11, 2008

Survival Tips 101

How To Survive If You Are Stopped By The Police
1. Pull over immediately. Put hazard lights on, turn off radio, and cut engine. Roll down window. Keep hands in plain sight. Make sure your passenger's hands are also in view.

2. Address the officer as "officer".

3. Tell the truth. Do not claim you didn't do it (if you did).

4. Don't argue with the officer. Don't give any reason for the officer to take an interest in your case, which may encourage the officer to appear in court (many defendants succeed in court because the officer is not present).

5. Do not admit anything.

6. Contact a lawyer. If you fail any test and are charged, remain silent and call a lawyer.

There. Now we all know how to handle THAT situation.



Erika said...

Get pulled over?

Emily said...

Yes, was there a pressing reason for this post?

average american said...

I've learned from personal experience that if you act dumb as a post you can get out of a ticket.

Chelle & Chel said...

I just thought those of you who read this blog could use a few pointers. I've never had to call a lawyer. :)



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