Saturday, January 05, 2008

Survival Tips 101

How to Treat a Tongue Stuck to a Frozen Pole:

1. Do not pull your tongue off the pole. Pulling sharply will be very painful.
2. Move closer to the pole. Get as close as possible without letting more of your tongue's surface area touch the pole.

3. Warm the pole with your hands.
A tongue will stick when the surface of the pole is very cold. The top layers of the tongue will freeze when it touches the pole, causing bonding. Place your gloved hands on the area of the pole closest to your tongue. Hold them there for several minutes. If hot water is available, pour it on the tongue and pole.

4. Take a test pull. As the pole warms, the frozen area around the tongue should begin to thaw. Gently pull your tongue away from the pole. You may leave a layer or two of skin on the pole, which will be painful, but your tongue will quickly heal.

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Erika said...

haha i hope i wont need to use those tips! I'
ll add you too... I should be online this week hopefully!


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