Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prison Therapist Injury

No, probably not what you think. Unless you consider being attacked by a desk what you had in mind.

Chelle and her fellow intern were moving offices today. In the name of being efficient they decided to move the desks by themselves. Chelle's finger got in the way - and got crushed between two desks.

The Dr. called it a tuft fracture. Chelle called it the most painful thing she has ever experienced.


Erika said...

Ouch. Finger injuries kill... esp. when you slice the end of it off... I know, I've done it! lol

Feel better soon!

Emily said...

ouch! you finally come back to blog and it's hurty and sad!

average american said...

kinda makes me want to throw up. My head feels all spiny too. Hey Chel do you know what that feels like? har har!


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