Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Small World

Wow ... we've been silent a long time, haven't we. I apologize. Masters programs and internships and teenagers take a lot of my time. But I do have a funny experience to share.

In one of my classes, our instructor had us introduce ourselves and where we were from. A woman from the back of the room said she was Cynthia (fake name) and she was from Tehachipi CA. This happens to be where I lived until I was 7 years old, so I decided I'd go talk to her after class, not expecting to have anything in common other than Tehachipi.

After class, I went up to her and said I lived in Tehachipi until I was 7. She said, "Didn't you say in another class you're going to be 41 soon?" I said I did. She said, "I am too!"

Then she asked me if I remembered where I lived when I lived there and I named the street. She said, "Me, too!" We compared notes and found that she lived a block away from me.

I called my mom and told her that I found a girl who lived a block away when I was little and told her the last name. She said she remembered Cynthia and that I played with her when we were little. I do have a vague memory of her ... a little girl playing ball in her driveway ... I wonder if that's really her ...

How strange, huh. And when you think about all the little tiny things that needed to be in place for this little coincidence to take place, it's astounding. Is there some meaning to this, or is this just an interesting happening?

Regardless, cool, huh.

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