Thursday, July 05, 2007


The other day the kids were watching that show on Discovery channel about ghosts. One of the stories was about a woman infatuated with a photo of a guy who died in Vietnam named Michael. It was interesting and I watched bits and pieces of it. But the gyst of the story was that Michael kept appearing in her house. He'd even show up in her kids' room.

At the end of the show, Sam had to go to work, so I decided to drive him. Sarah wanted to come along. So we go into the garage to get my car, and I think it would be fun to tell them that Michael is in there, but change my mind. I thought I was pretty funny, though. So I open the big garage door to get my car out, Sam gets in the passenger side, and I hear Sarah open and close the car door behind me.

Sure we were all in the car, I look over my left shoulder to make sure I can back up, and there's Sarah standing next to the car. Having been certain she was actually behind me in the car, based on the door opening and closing, I let out a yelp - certain there was a ghost in my garage, standing right next to my car.

Apparently, Sarah had opened the car door and decided she should wait until I pull out of the garage so she could close the big door for me. So then she shut the door and went next to the car to wait for me to pull out.

Oh, I had the biggest laugh over this. Tears running down my eyes all the way to Sam's work. Sam still thinks I'm psycho.

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