Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Parents Should Be Dead #3

Maybe we've all been in a situation like this. Maybe not. Come to think of it, I don't think I have even been in this type of situation. But it just seems like something that would likely happen more often than not...

I'm not sure if mom and dad were married at this point, but they were at least dating. They decided to take a drive up some mountain canyon. This was before SUV's, so they were in their regular old square family car heading up some narrow dirt road, in some remote canyon, somewhere.

As they drove, the road gradually became steeper and steeper, until at some point my dad was sure his little car couldn't make it any further...and there was no place to turn around. What do you do in this situation? Well, turn around anyway, of course.

So slowly, dad backed up, turned the wheels, pulled forward, turned the wheels. There was only one problem with this. The road was so narrow, that if they had gone a little too far one way or the other, they would have rolled off the side of the road. As it was, they were in danger of rolling the car anyway as they slowly turned around, because it was so steep.

To keep the car from toppling over, they had to open both doors on the up-hill side of the car and shift their weight as much as possible to that side. I don't think I'd like that situation all that much, personally.

Of course, they made the turn around eventually without any mishap. Amazing enough, considering we are talking about my dad here. I wouldn't have been surprised if the story had taken another twist, and the car had rolled. But if it had, it would have amazingly righted itself on its wheels, pointing in the direction they needed to go, with no one injured.


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Kara said...

Yikes! I am terrified of falling and that pic alone gives me chills and makes me all shaky lol.


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