Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fish Heads

Today was free fishing day in Utah. That means lots of people were out fishing today, and I got to help about 85 kids do just that. Fishing was good. Which means only, well, a few things.

1) Kids were having a great time, and some kids caught their first fish today!
2) There were a lot of fish to clean, which I happily got to help with.
3) Fish smell does not come off hands very easily.

So I spent the whole of the morning and afternoon cutting, pulling out fish guts, and covering my hands in fish smell - washing my hands to no avail - and doing it again, and again, and again. Kids loved it! What is it about blood and guts that gets kids all excited? I guess maybe the same things that gets them excited about animal scat.

Kids are fun. And they don't care if they smell like fish guts.



Skittles said...

I remember we were camping once and were told it was free fishing day.. so off to the local store where someone should have been playing Dueling Banjos, and bought each of the kids a cane pole.

They didn't catch anything but they didn't really care. :)

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

So, do you still smell like fish? ;)

gledwood said...

Congratulations! You're my twin blog choice of the day!

I only award this to especially witty or different blogs so feel honoured!

All the best

"vol 2" ...

Mike said...

It's very nice that you helped the kids fish. Especially if it was their first fish. It sounds as though you did have a good time though even if your hands smell lol.

Sephyroth said...

I remember being part of a free fishing day a long time ago. It was a nice walk in the woods, even if I didn't catch anything. It's always good to see the waterways being opened for all at times. :)

Also, I'd like to invite you to submit your blog to the US Blogs community on Bumpzee. It's a great place to connect with other bloggers and find other great blogs that are here in the States.


Faz the Cat said...

Kids smelling of fish guts are my favourite type of kids. FAZ

Erika said...

Barf. I cannot STAND the smell of fish! ick


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