Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Um, well...not quite...

A few days ago I was visiting with a group of 5 year olds. We were about to embark on a "Nature Exploration" so I wanted to just chit-chat a bit about what nature was. So I asked them, "Can anyone tell me what nature is?"

Blank. No response.

Um..now what? "No body knows what nature is?"

One mom wispers to her daughter "trees" - so she says it.

"Great!" I say, sure the others will catch on with that little hint.

"Be safe" comes another answer. "No pushing" pipes up another (now they are on a roll, but apparently its the wrong one) - "No hitting" says another, "Stay together" shouts yet another.

Well... at least they know how to be nice and stay safe while out in nature.

- Chel


Kara said...

LOL, that's too funny :D

Faz the Cat said...

How did this come from 'trees'? What did they think she said I wonder? C.

Erika said...

haha... it must be the things they here when they go out side?

*~JESSIE~* said...

Kids are great. At least they are kind!


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