Monday, May 28, 2007

My Dad Should Be Dead #8 (along with me and my siblings)

Happy Memorial Day. I have another story about my dad to tell you all.

This story takes place on a lake, once again. We spent a lot of time on lakes, in boats, water skiing. We had been boating when a little storm blew in, so we pulled off onto some random beach to wait it out. Once it had passed, my dad loaded me, my older brother and younger sister back into the boat, and made us sit on the floor rahter than in the seats because the water was still a bit choppy, and he didn't want any of us to fall out. We were pretty young.

So there we were, back out on the lake. My dad looked out over the whole lake, and there wasn't a soul in sight. (Isn't that just a formula for trouble?) Dad hit the throttle, and off we went. I honestly don't remember this story, so I'll have to tell it from my dad's point of view. As he was driving, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye - a boat, pulling a skier, with the driver looking behind him at his skier, heading for a t-bone collision with us.

He saw us just after Dad saw him. Dad cranked the boat a hard right, as this guy cranked his boat a hard left. As we were pulling hard right, this other guys boat engine came up out of the water and passed right over the side of our boat. He was going fast, so it nearly put his boat on its side. Amazingly we didn't collide. The boats missed each other literally by inches. Had my dad not noticed him, or if he had noticed us just a few seconds later, he would have broad-sided us at full speed and ripped our boat in half.

Dad was pretty white and shakey after that. So we just headed for the dock, and pulled our boat in. Apparently it scared this other guy just as bad, because he was pulling his boat out at the same time. They just looked at each other, my dad wiped his brow symbolically, and the other guy just nodded.

My dad has almost used up his 9 lives. And there's still more to come.



~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

All I can say is "Holy crap!"

Erika said...

I love these stories. Another great one chel!

Glad you all ended up okay!


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