Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wide Awake in Dreamland

No, not a Pat Benatar album ... just a story about my life.

The other day I had a grocery shopping experience that made me question my sanity. I'm sure what it really meant was I needed more sleep and less stress.

I had to drive to a town 45 miles away to pick up my two oldest children, but that was going to require me to get fuel in my car. Gas stations around here don't take checks and I had no cash around the house. AJ reminded me we were out of milk. I was really smart and thought I could go get some milk and write the check for more than the amount so I could get gas. So off I went.

As I go into the store, I think I am really too tired to make dinner for everyone tonight. Maybe while I'm in here, I'll pick up something simple for dinner. What a great idea! I get some cheese slices, hamburger buns, and chicken patties. I head to the checkout and proceed to have my items rung up. I ask, "Can I write this for $30 more?" She says I can. I write the check for $30.

Ok, that won't work, I realize. I actually need it for $30 extra. So I write another check. The girl likely thinks I'm not so with it, hands me my reciept and my $30, and off I go. I almost get to the door before I realize I walked off without my groceries. I saunter on back, as if I meant to do that, and get my groceries. The check out girl notices, of course, and says, "I needed those!" I respond, "But I paid for them, so you're out of luck." She laughs, I get even more embarassed, and head out to my car.

As I'm shaking my head at myself, I put the groceries in the car, and suddenly realize I never did buy the milk.

After I get gas in my car, I go by the house to drop off the food, and AJ decides he wants to come with me. On the way to X's house for my other kids, I tell AJ about my grocery escapade. He is quiet a few minutes. Then he says, "Do you remember why we're going to [town]?"

He thinks he's so funny.



Faz the Cat said...

I'm sure you remember all the important things. F&C

Jolynn said...

I love those grocery trips. Those are the days I wish more than anything I had a personal assistant. So I could just take a nap.

Erika said...

I've had plenty of days like that!

Lisa Renee said...

At least you didn't forget to pick up the kids, (smile). I do things like that all the time, even to the point when I used to drive I'd start driving heading to one location but in my mind not paying attention and realize I was heading for the wrong place.


Kara said...

LOL! I've had days like that too.

sarala said...

Been there, done that. Sorry I haven't been by much of late.


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