Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Parents Should Be Dead #1

Ok, so I've done a few stories from my dad's life. There are more, but I think now is a good time to jump in here with one of both my dad and my mom.

Mom didn't get into any real trouble until she met dad. Then she begins to appear in some of his death-defying stories.

If you recall, my dad loved to boat. That didn't change when mom and dad got married. They both went out, often, to the lake. Mom would pull dad while he skied, and then go and hang out on the beach looking sexy. She was a woman of many talents. Still is.

Anyway, one time they were out boating at night. If it were me on a dark lake at night, I think I would pull out the paddles and paddle my little butt back to shore at a very slow speed. But not mom and dad. They were cruising relatively fast. One minute they were boating happily in the romantic quiet of the evening, the next they are flying through the air as their boat full on slams into the beach.

Dad was driving, and when he drives, he usually sits high in the driver's seat to see over the windshield. So when they hit the beach, he went flying over the top of the boat and out onto shore. Mom went flying into the boat, inside the front end.

They didn't die. But mom did hurt her knee as she flew under, and dad hit his teeth on the windshield as he flew over. But amazingly didn't knock any out.

When they got their bearings straight, they were shocked to see where they had beached - directly in between two very large rocks.

Calling in guardian angle reinforcements.

- Chel


Faz the Cat said...

Another great story. I love these. Christine and FAZ

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

they surely do keep their guardian angels on their toes, don't they?!

Kara said...

Wow! That would be scary! Amazing they were okay!

Jolynn said...

I was horrified just reading this. I just try not imagine how horrible the outcome could have been!

Erika said...

yikes! glad they are okay!

PS I love these stories!


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