Thursday, March 29, 2007

Music Meme

So Amisare Waswerebeen has tagged us for a music meme. Apparently, we are to list seven songs/CDs we have listened to recently and elaborate a bit. Then we have to tag seven others, but we don't generally do that, party poopers that we are. So we'll at least participate in the tag ...

This one's actually tough for me since the only time I listen to music is in the car. I have a 6 CD changer, so I could list all those. But I'll list three and have Chel list three, then we'll have to list a mutual favorite.

Depeche Mode, "Playing the Angel". I got this one mostly for "Precious" one of my favorite songs ever. But many of the others on this CD are great, too. I just love Depeche Mode. Always have.

Homemade. I have several songs on CDs that I've put on myself. Songs like "Walking With the Ghost" by Tegan & Sara, "Crush" by Jennifer Paige, "Goodnight Moon" by Shivaree, and songs by Tina Dico, t.A.T.u., Garbage, and even Poe, and so many others. I love the mix.

Cher, "Believe ". I generally am not a big Cher fan. But this CD I like a lot. Don't know why.

So that's my three ... Chelle

K T Tunstall, "Eye to the Telescope". Mostly I got the CD because I liked "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" because it has a funky beat. I found I like the rest of her songs because I just do. They're just good. They have a fun beat.

Indigo Girls, "All That We Let In". A little different from the other Indigo Girls CDs, because it's a little more mellow and introspective. I like that sometimes. Though I love almost all Indigo Girls stuff.

Evanescence, "The Open Door". This one is not one I like at all, but AJ had to listen to it in the car the other night. So it's here and I heard it. Still don't like it.

There's my three.

A mutual favorite -- Jem, "Finally Woken". Other than track 2, we like every song on here. Chel didn't think she liked it at first, "24" was the first song she heard, not sure it was a good song. But then she listened more and thought it was a very cool song. Chelle liked it from the start. "24" is also the first song she heard, but loved it right away. The rest of the songs are just bonus from there. An all time favorite.

Chelle & Chel


amisare waswerebeen said...

Seems that you both have pretty good taste in music.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Good songs ... You two have similar tastes to my mom (you're probably younger, though).


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