Friday, March 02, 2007

Holding all the Carrots

The other day, one of my co-workers (who wanted his 15 minutes of fame on our blog, but didn't want his real name used - so I'll just call him Jeff) noticed, as he was looking around our blog that Chelle does the Lions (or in his words, "holds all the carrots") share of work on this blog. He's right. Chelle does more work on here than I do. I just post now and then. She pretty much set the page up, added all the fun stuff, does the Silly Sunday Stuff, Fun Photo Friday, and Favorites on a regular basis, and lots of other things.

Jeff said "that's grounds for divorce in any relationship".

Well, I've been thinking about that. And he's right. But I don't see me doing any more on our blog than adding some entries now and then. But I think Chelle can handle that. After all, there are other "give and take" things in our relationship. Every relationship has them - from good friends, to parent/child, to husband and wife.

So here is a break down of some Chelle & Chel's give and take outside the blogging world.

* I feed and water the Gecko so Chelle doesn't have to touch those worms
* Chelle does the laundry (the majority of the time)
* I sweep and mop the floor - Chelle hates doing floors
* Chelle goes to three jobs and full time school (and who has time for anything after that?)
* I shovel the walks when it snows outside
* Chelle deals with all of her children's needs, which are often many
* I clean up the backyard doggie doo-doo - she is my dog after all
* Chelle does all the research and organizing of both of our family histories (it confuses me)
* I clean up dog and cat barf (Chelle can't handle that)

etc, etc.

So you see, Jeff, (I need to mention his name again, to draw out that 15 minutes) if we just focused on one thing that one person does the majority of the time, it could be quite disastrous. But we must continually strive to look beyond ourselves, and see that we all "give and take".

Just like at work, Jeff. You come to work with a new plumb-colored shirt on, and nobody notices, so you say "hey, nobody noticed my new purple shirt". And what do we do? We walk over to your little corner of the office, look at your new shirt, and say "Hey Jeff, nice new plumb colored shirt". And we mean it.

- Chel


sarala said...

Sorry for not visiting more. It's been busy.

Erika said...

hey, what works - works.

Jolynn said...

That's funny how some things stand out more than others. The kids are always pointing out how it seems I do all of the work around the house. The cooking, washing dishes, laundry. I have to remind them there are things I refuse to do and Brian does that. It all just works out.


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