Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who's Missed Us?

Wow. Look at the time. Where has it gone!?

I've been so swamped with school, projects, practicum, huge papers, and Sarah is just getting over strep throat. I have not had much time to even breathe, it seems. I remember well my professor saying at the beginning of the semester, "remember to breathe." I see what he means.

But I've missed blogging. Really. I haven't been able to post, much less read other blogs. I miss you all! I'm so pleased we still have people visiting and even commenting! So here I am at work, hopefully with a few minutes to spare, and I will go read blogs till time to go home! What fun!

I'll also put a "favorites" on before I go (I hope). Maybe even tell a story. We'll see. I may have high hopes!

Just know we're still here! Don't give up on us!



sarala said...

Thanks for visiting and no, I haven't forgotten. Things are busy here too. And cold!

Crystal said...

Hey - I missed you guys!! I was starting to think maybe my feedreader was busted or something.


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