Saturday, February 24, 2007


What a fun one we have this week! Someone we already love and adore is giving us space on her blog. Asara's Mental Meanderings is pretty cool! Her tagline says, "Random thoughts from one of history's most random minds..." I've always enjoyed her blog and read it as often as I can read blogs! Check it out.

And we're renting to An Island Life. It's the Paradise Edition. She participates in some fun stuff and shares great things from her life. So check that out, too!

Tell everyone Chelle & Chel sent you!

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Asara said...

My goodness, thank you! :)
I enjoyed having you guys over for the week, we should do this more often! I haven't been around much myself the past few days, and I've been busy at work so I've been neglecting my rounds :( Hopefully things will quiet down soon and I can get my blogging life back to normal (never mind that work stuff!)


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