Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Partial Update

So I thought I'd do just a partial update on things going on with me, keeping me busy. Sarah (14) woke up Sunday morning with a terrible sore throat and headache. She even chose to stay home from church, which is really rare. She didn't feel better by evening, but still chose to go back to her dad's, hoping she'd be well enough to go to school on Monday. Monday morning, she called and wanted to come back to my house, still miserable. We finally took her to the doctor on Tuesday morning, and he confirmed - "very bad strep throat". So we left with antibiotics and she continued to be at my place till late this afternoon. She feels much better and has plans to go to school tomorrow.

I have to say I enjoyed being with her and thoroughly enjoyed taking care of her. That's what moms are for, I think. I loved it. I had to take time off from my practicum, and I'm not sure how I'll make up those hours, but it was worth it to me. I texted her and thanked her for letting me take care of her and that I loved her. She texted back a treasure to me: "Love you too. Thank you for staying home and doing all that you did for me. I felt better at your house anyway."

I love that girl. I am blessed with wonderful children.

In other news ... Sam (16) cut his hair. Of his own accord. Since you can't see much of his face before, I can show you a before pic. His hair is actually quite curly, but on this day he had his sister straighten it.

Now just picture him with short hair, looking all respectable and mature. What a handsome young man!! Sorry you only get to see the back!

That's 2 parts of my 7 point bulletin. LOL More to come. Someday.



East of Oregon said...

My son, 17, has hair just like your son's prior to the cut. I'm ready for his new do. why why why. I'm not sure I'm ready for teenagers. Yet, here I am. HELP!!!!

Skittles said...

What a wonderful daughter you have :) And th new haircut looks a lot better :)

Smalltown RN said...

That know my girls don't live with me either....but the other weekend middle daughter wanted to come for a visit....she knew I was working...but she just wanted to be in the environment where mom was...I baked cookies and made some of her favorites....we hung for a bit...yeah it was a special time....I know how you feel....

Emily said...

Okay, you make me more excited for the mom thing. This will be fun. It will be great. I won't ruin anybody.

(Hyrum is tied for #1 right now, just so you know)

Jolynn said...

Poor girl! Strep throat is the absolute worse! I'm glad she's feeling better.

Mike said...

I'm glad your daughter feels better. And Sam looks better too :)


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