Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I thought I'd tell a story, since I've been so scarce of late. This is a conversation I had with Sam (16 years old).

Sam, while playing an X-Box video game: Why are you people so obsessed with blogs?

Me: Why are people so obsessed with video games?

Sam: Because they're fun. Not like sitting there and reading.

Me: I think it's better than sitting there and moving your thumbs back and forth. And you get to actually interact with other people.

Sam: There's always X-Box Live. I can interact there.

Me: Yeah, right. "How are you today?" BANG!

Sam, laughing: Yeah, exactly. "How was your day? ... That's nice, now I'm going to blow your head off." See? I'm connecting!

No wonder I worry about my kids!



sarala said...

Could be one of my kids. But they have such strong thumbs. I suppose they could grow up to be masseurs.

Erika said...

ohhh goodness.


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