Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Final Update - for now

Can you tell I'm at work? I finally have a few moments here and there in between calls. So here's more update ... Other than a car driving into our yard ...

My ex may move to another state. [I had a whole huge thing in here about the kids and life and what all this means, but I have this fear X is reading ... can't risk that]. But the kids are thinking and pondering and considering. They'll make the choices that are best for them and I'll support them in those choices. I'll just be there to listen in the meantime and beyond. Wish us all luck and prayers and all that positive stuff.

That research thing for weight loss is going pretty good. I initially sabatoged myself and actually gained the first 2 weeks. Then I lost that and a few more the next two weeks. So I am hoping I'm on my way down ... keep checking the progress at the bottom of the page. Today is Valentine's Day, though ... and everyone keeps offering me candy. Who am I to refuse??

Finally ... Universities. The first one rejected me, as I told you all. I did call them and ask if they have an alternate list. They said they did and put me on it. They even let me resubmit my transcripts so they looked better. I haven't heard back yet. The second University actually emailed me and let me know 3 pages were missing from my application. That sounds hopeful, doesn't it? The University itself accepted me ... now I just need to wait for the actual department to accept me. So I wait some more. I keep saying to myself, "At least I'll know for sure by June." I'm singing "waiting, waiting, waiting" to the tune of "swimming, swimming, swimming" from Dora on Finding Nemo ...



Faz the Cat said...

Good luck - Christine and FAZ

Erika said...

I hope everything works out!


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