Saturday, January 13, 2007

Odds & Ends from Chelle

Apologies for not blogging much yesterday. Tiredness overtook me. I know we missed the "Favorites" feature, but we'll pick that up today.

Erika asked about the good deed - wondering if I was needing new or used items. Just FYI for all interested, we'll take either. Anything that works, we'll take.

Just for news ... I was accepted into a research group for a new weight loss drug and program. I get doc visits, meds, and regular heart check ups for free - and I get paid $1000 when it's over. Can't beat that, huh. I meet with a nutritionist on Tuesday. I'm afraid she's going to make me get rid of my chocolate habit ... Is it worth $1000? I just don't know ...

And did you all realize that pic of Chel below is actually of her wearing a mask? She doesn't normally look that goofy. Normally ...

I made a note to myself before I left for work tonight ... It's a list of things to do. One of those words is "priceless". I have no idea what that means. Wonder if I was listening to a MasterCard commercial!

So before I get all carried away about commercials and life, I'll close. Until later ... Thanks to all who visit and comment! Priceless.

:: considering sleeping right here on her desk ::

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East of Oregon said...

It is worth more than $1,000. I did a study like that a couple years ago and I got paid $800. Not enough. I loved it, lost a ton of weight. . but the time to put into it was extensive.


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