Monday, January 01, 2007


I have a calendar a day coming to me in my email, starting today. It lists "Five Things to be Happy About". I thought I might discuss one of the things on there per day, if I happen to agree with the list.

Today, I had a hard time deciding between herringbone tweed and blank pages ready for writing. Ok, I don't even know for sure what herringbone tweed is. But blank pages ready for writing ... that I totally understand, and have been known to drool over.

I collect blank journals. And yes, to answer the question, I do write in them. I have many journals from my lifetime. Probably too many, if that's possible. I just love to write.

I also collect leather bound classics, which happen to be pretty pricey and gorgeous. If I happen to have one in one hand and a blank journal in the other, and could only choose to take one, I'd have a tough time choosing. And would likely choose the blank journal.

Blank pages ready for writing ... a wonderful thing to me!


Today's list:
• herringbone tweed
• a center-hall Colonial house
• temperance
• a free day
• blank pages ready for writing


Skittles said...

I grew up playing Office instead of School. You will catch me doing more drooling in an office supply store than anywhere else.. except maybe a book store.

sarala said...

Do you ever go back and read the old journals?

Chelle & Chel said...

Sarala, yes I do. I'm currently going through them all and transferring "entries worth keeping" to a much more serious blog I maintain. Stuff I want my kids to know or remember one day when I'm not around.



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