Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today's list:

• the rhythm of a foreign language

We all know how much I love the cold ... ok, not really. So ice fishermen is out. Even if I'm not the one out there on the ice (and I have been once or twice), I get cold just watching them. I shake too much to construct a model. I can't retain foreign languages to save my life. I can learn a phrase one night, practice it all night, and the next day someone can say it to me and I'll be "huh!?" I'm pitiful. I don't necessarily need a wireless mouse, but I bet it'd be cool ....

I'm sticking with an old steamer trunk. I even have one I treasure. My mom had it for years and years and gave it to me when I was about 25. I thought it was beautiful. And she even took all the outer fabric off. LOL So it's in my garage, housing many items I have long forgotten about. One day I'll have a place for it ...
So today my favorite is an old steamer trunk.
What's your favorite?


Skittles said...

I already have a wireless mouse & keyboard thanks to Mike at Christmas. I'm going with the truck, too. They always seem to have so many stories to tell.

Emily said...

I love the rhythm of a foreign language. I think Vietnamese is my favorite - I don't understand one word, but it's really fun to listen to!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Steamer trunk. I hate the cold, am impossible with languages, no patience for models and I hate wireless things cuz they run out of batteries too quickly.

sarala said...

Foreign language. I think I'd like a steamer trunk if I had one. The only one I ever had was to go to camp the one time I did as a kid.


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