Monday, January 08, 2007


Today's list:
• a hot breakfast
UGG snow boots
• paid bills
• joy
sleeping soundly

Woah. So many wonderful things today!! The only one I won't go for is the UGG snow boots! I just don't do snow boots and didn't know much about UGG before looking them up. Sorry to be so old and out of the loop!

A hot breakfast. I love those. Especially if someone else makes it. I love to have breakfast, eggs, sausage or bacon ... Wonderful to wake up to that. Again, since I like it best when someone else makes it, I don't get it all that often. Chel and I do make a nice hot breakfast for the kids on Sunday mornings, though ... Just not that elaborate.

And who doesn't like paid bills?? I have about $45,000 worth if anyone wants to help us out with that one! LOL

Joy. That speaks for itself, doesn't it.

Sleeping soundly. Something I only experience when my kids aren't around! LOL I am not much for sleep - I think it's a waste of time. But when I do want it and I get to do it, I definitley want it sound!

Tough to choose today. But I'm going with joy. I think that's something we all hope for, and surely something I wish for everyone. Joy.

What's your favorite?



Faz the Cat said...

I have a degree in sleeping soundly. Faz

Skittles said...

I would like a good sound sleep followed by one of Mike's great breakfasts!

Emily said...

Joy's too hard for me to put a finger on. Hot breakfast is how I fell in love with my now husband. I'm bitterly an insomniac, so sleeping soundly sounds awesome. But I'm leaning in the paid bills direction. I suppose technically I've got over half a million in bills, but realistically in the neighborhood of maybe $17K. Oh, to have them paid!


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