Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today's List:
red grapefruit
• crisp mountain air
moisturizing lotion

• a cat’s contented sigh
junk food on a road trip

The only two I don't like are grapefruit and lotion. I just don't like grapefruit. And I hate the way lotion feels. Now hand sanitizer I can handle. Never lotion.

So we have crisp mountain air. Wonderful stuff. Especially when you're out camping, you've just set up your camp site, you look around, take a deep breath ... amazing. Mmm. But a cat's contended sigh is nice and cute - and fun to hear. I love cats after all. And junk food on a trip! Can anyone beat that!? One of the best things about road trips is the junk food! Maybe we can go on a road trip and eat junk food, stop and smell the crisp mountain air, and listen to our cat sigh contentedly ... guess the cat idea might put a kabosh on the whole thing. I just pictured it clawing us all on the way up and us having to call a search party for it once we get there ...

So I'm going with crisp mountain air today. Without the cat.

What's your favorite?



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Deb said...

I just found your blog through Bestest Blog...and I really enjoy it! So just saying hi, feel free to stop by my blogs!

Skittles said...

The kitty..


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