Thursday, January 04, 2007


Today's list:
• a meringue of dense fog
• dunking a doughnut
• foresight
• a cozy hotel room
• bright red poppy petals

Well ... today's is a bit easier. I don't much like fog, unless I'm seeing it from a safe distance and not driving through it. Fog can be beautiful. Cozy hotel rooms imply that I'm away from home. I would rather be in my own bed ... unless I'm camping. Bright red poppy petals are beautiful, for sure, but not necessarily my favorite.

So we're going for either dunking a doughnut or foresight. Foresight would sure save some problems when it comes to decision making. And in hindsight I see I lacked a lot of forsight in some of my major mistakes! But maybe I'm not that practical today ...

My favorite today will have to be dunking a doughnut. And today, since it is snowing quite heavily and about 34 degrees, that doughnut would be dunked in hot chocolate! (Dunking doughnuts reminds me of a story that has to do with Dunkin' Donuts and a police woman friend of mine ... a post for another blog day!)

Now I need a doughnut ...

What's your favorite?


1 comment:

Skittles said...

I like this feature you're doing! Not too fond of these choices today though. Tell my carbs not to look as I choose the donut :)


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