Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Today was hard to choose, again. I love browsing. I love pot roast with gravy. I love snowflakes in the lamplight.

Browsing is great. It's a good time waster. It's a good source of information. It's a great thing to do on down time at work. It's just great fun.

Pot roast with gravy is something we have every Sunday. Family tradition started about 6 years ago when we lived with a great cook while she was separated from her husband. When she went back to him, we missed those Sunday dinners. So I picked up the habit and we just love it. I don't always make gravy with the roast, but it's still a pretty good meal. We slow cook it all Sunday morning and eat it with potatoes and other stuff .... it's so wonderful, falls off the bone (if there is one). Mmmm..... makes my mouth water.

Snowflakes in the lamplight is a beautiful, wonderful sight. But I usually only like that when I'm inside staying warm.

I think my favorite will go to pot roast with gravy. And now I'm suddenly quite hungry ...


Today's list:
• talking in a whisper

• ergonomic furniture
• browsing
• pot roast with gravy
• snowflakes in lamplight

What's your favorite?

1 comment:

Skittles said...

Browsing.. unless I'm hungry :) I have the ham I was going to make yesterday in the oven now. It's smelling pretty darn good :)


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