Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Family Blog Carnival

Blog Village is now co-hosting their very own Carnival.

Their site says:
If you have never taken part in a Carnival, it's a great way to get exposure for your blog! All the bloggers who participate will be coming to check out the Carnival post, as well as the readers of those blogs. You'll also find new links to your blog popping up.

We will have here on our Community News on January 26th one post that includes an entry from each of the bloggers. You may use an existing post, or write something new.

The THEME is "A post about Family".

Carnival entries may be submitted NOW. The DEADLINE for entries is Thursday, Jan. 25th, at 11:59PM EST.

Go check it out!


Skittles said...

I did, I did!!!

sarala said...

I might give it a try. I'm assuming you are a blog village member?


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