Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Work Trip

I'm in Moab today and tomorrow - well sort of. I drove to Moab this morning, sat in a work meeting this afternoon. Tomorrow I will sit in another work meeting, then drive home. So this is pretty much drive, sit, sleep, sit, drive. Not too exciting.

But it's cold here! I was a surprised. Moab sits at just over 4000 feet, so there's snow on the ground. It adds to the interesting contrast of seasons here in this tourist, recreation town. Spring, summer, and fall are very hot, busy, and moving. Lots going on. It's the place to be. But right now it's rather dead. It's cold, quiet...slow. Kinda sad, actually. Like I feel bad for everyone who lives here... how do they make a living this time of year?

But the red rock is still just as incredible. I mean, the red rock is always very inspiring and breathtaking to me, and yet seeing it under a small layer of snow just adds to the striking beauty of the place. Too bad I won't have time to enjoy such a cool part of this state. Too bad I'll be in meetings the entire time, and then driving again. I will be enjoying dinner at the Moab Brewery, however. I hear it's the best eating place in town...that's open anyway.

But hey, I really should look on the bright side of things...I get to stay at the Moab Valley Inn and they have wireless internet connection!! What more could I ask for?

- Chel


Mike said...

That area of the country is very beautiful. I remember getting to Yellowstone and seeing snow on the mountain tops in July. Such an inspiring area.

Janey Loree said...

Welcome to BLOG VILLAGE!


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